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Dear Mega Debrid users,

our popular download manager Load! officially supports Mega Debrid since a while now.

Maybe some of you guys know us already.

For all the others: we provide you a great and fast download manager which does not require Java or any other framework to be installed. Screenshots of Load! can be found here.

A list of all currently supported hosts and services can be found here

Download latest Load! v0.7.4 (Windows 32/64 Bit) here.

FRENCH language is supportet! ;)

Visit us:

If you have questions or problems with Load!, you can contact me in this thread or alternatively in the official CandiSoft Support Forum.

We wish best of fun with Load!

Best regards

Modifié par Vash@CandiSoft

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Hello folks,

we finally reached the next step: Load! just got a new update to 0.7.5!

Please give us feedback about any problems/questions/ideas you might have with the new version.
We will always have time for your thoughts in this thread or in our forums. Visit us!

Here are all news/changes/fixes in an overview:

CandiSoft - Load! 0.7.5

[+] New download management feature:
- -> Control free and premium downloads separately
[+] Accounts can be edited now.
[+] Added date column in Completed tab.
[+] Added option to automatically add entered passwords to the password list.
[+] Data.llf auto-backup function.
[+] Files can be renamed and groups can be sorted now.

[*] Minor GUI changes. [*] Removed captcha window countdown. [*] Completed downloads are now moved to the top of the Completed tab.

[x] Fixed HTTP proxy authorization.
[x] Fixed GUI freeze when a captcha popped up during drag & drop/while context menu was opened.
[x] Fixed access violation when quickly starting/stopping the same download.
[x] Fixed some scaling bugs when using high DPI settings.
[x] Other minor bug fixes.


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