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  1. Alessio79

    No answer? Thanks
  2. Alessio79

    Hi, from JDownloader doesn't works and from website it's very slow. Can you check please? I'll send link via PM if you need it. Thanks
  3. Alessio79


  4. Alessio79


    Hi, Streamango doesn't appear in the list of JDownloader Thanks edit: "domains":null
  5. Alessio79

    Wrong credentials

    Delete and add your account again
  6. Alessio79

    Wrong credentials

    it's ok now Thanks
  7. Hi, it's since yesterday that returns this error, it depends on you or them? Thanks
  8. Thank you very much for DDLStorage :D I hope it lasts a long time. Unfortunately, the situation in Italy for the site closely linked to this host is not good Whatever thanks guys
  9. Thanks
  10. Thanks
  11. if you succeed, you're the best
  12. Thanks
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